Monday, December 14, 2009

Growing up too fast.

This was a rough weekend for me, I got a few reminders that my little girl is growing up on me.

Friday night her school had a spaghetti dinner where the kids sang Christmas songs, followed by skating with Santa. My two little angels (Haley along with our niece/second dtr Ava) were fantastic singing Jingle Bells, I was expecting them to be too shy to stand up on stage with their classes, I was wrong. Reminder number 1.

After they were done singing they came back and sat with us, at one point Haley wanted to dance, so I went with her ( I tell you I could have picked up just about any woman there at this point) So there I am dancing with my little girl, when Rick comes along and tries to take her away from me. Rick apparently has a crush on my little girl. Rick must be beaten. I ended up dancing with the two of them, I even managed to control myself from giving 4 year old Rick dirty looks.

Once done dancing we went to windows that overlook the ice surface so Hales could watch the Zambonie, sadly Thomas was there and my daugter as she puts it loves him and is going to marry him. This evening is not going well.

Fortunatly the skating part was boy free and she still needed her daddy to help her. Yay.

Sunday we went over to Kiki's sisters house to do some Christmas baking. Chrissy decided she would put on some videos of past Christmases, starting with the Christmas just before Haley turned 2, (xmas 06) my darling was so little and now she's so big, it really depressed me, I mean I know she's only just about 5 so it's not like she's grown up and ready to move out (which she is not ever allowed to do) but she has changed so much in such a short time, what will she be like in another 2 years? How long until she doesn't need my help with things? When will she stop wanting bedtime stories/cuddling? I'm not ready for any of this.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saving my life

I owe one person for saving my life, my wife. Don't get me wrong I was never in danger of dying, she didn't perform CPR or anything on me but without her, I'd likely be dead or in jail.

I was about 13 years old when I discovered how much I enjoyed the feeling my fist hitting another person. From that point on I got into a lot of fights. I didn't feel anything for other people at that point in my life, but I do feel bad for some of the things, I guess I never stopped to think that I was hurting people on more than a physical level. Fortunatly fighting lost it's appeal to me after a while not that I completely stopped for a few more years. Sadly I replaced it with other things.

In grade 9 my friend and I thought it would be fun to break into our high school home ec room to cook breakfast, so we did. Sadly I would discover 2 years later that our home ec teacher didn't bother with things like expiry dates, we were lucky we didn't get sick. We did however get caught. The next monday I was called down to the principals office, waiting for me was a nice police officer and Mr Barton, my princpal/hockey coach. Of course I denied denied denied, but they had witnesses, there were 3 people who had seen us going around back of the building and peeked into the room and saw us in there, luckily for me i was a smart ass and knew a few things about the law, I was 15 at the time and it is required by law here for the police to acquire parental permission before interviewing a minor. Constable Pilon neglected to do that. There was also the fact that if I was charged with B&E I would likely not be allowed to play hockey for a while. My coach/principal didnt want his best player out so he was doing all he could to avoid charges as well. Aren't small towns great? The guy was more concerned that we might lose a few meaningless games, than he cared about my future and the crime I commited. The end result was a feeling of invincibility, we could not get caught and even when we did, we'd get away with it, so we started breaking into other businesses and eventually into houses. I'll fully admit I took stuff from the stores that we went into, but I never, never took a single thing from any house that we broke into, it was something we did for the thrill. These actions continued for 2 years.

I then met Kiki, I've never illegally entered another home or business since the day I met her, I had something to lose, but I still didn't see a future for myself so I continued fighting generally not giving a shit about anything to do with my life, I took 7 classes in grade 11 and managed to pass 2, this didn't particularily bother me either, I was going nowhere, I had no future other than working one of the factories back home, so why bother putting any effort in? I was cruising along the highway to nowhere and had no thoughts that I could get on a different road. Slowly but surely I was broken of those thoughts by Kiki, well honestly it was her and her family, I owe everything I have become to those 4 people, I know Kiki will be the only one to ever see this, but Vicki, Chrissy, Peggy and Dan I owe everything to you, I love you all more than I can ever describe.

Vicki and her mother slowly built up my self confidence and made me think maybe I could do something with my life, they helped me get away from my destructive behaviour. Christina was 12 when I started dating Vicki and she made me see that I could make a difference in other people's lives, I was there for her when she started high school, I helped teach her to drive, I helped her through some rough times in her life when friends of hers passed away, legally speaking she may be my sister in law, but in my heart she'll always be my sister. As for her dad, he's gone above and beyond what your girlfriend's father needs to do, he took me under his wing and got me to do stuff with him, simple things like painting the house, installing the woodstove, changing tires on the car etc... but all of those things made me believe in myself, believe that I could do something with my life. I like to believe I have, we may not be rich, we may not have everything we could ever want, but I have everything I could ever want. I have a beautiful wife, who I love more with every passing day and the 2 most wonderful kids ever, I have something to live for and I have them to thank for still having a life to give to them.

Friday, October 2, 2009

How I met my wife.

I love the show How I Met Your Mother, it never fails to make me laugh, it also makes me think of how I met Kiki.

I completed grade 10 in June of 1992, one of the last things I did before leaving for the summer was to pick my classes for the next year. Myself and 3 of my friends decided that an awesome way to pick up chicks would be to take Home Ec, it was a fool proof plan, what girl wouldn't want to touch my pee pee after watching me sew for an hour.

Sometime in the middle of summer I received a phone call asking me if I had made a mistake on my class request form, I replied that I hadn't this was met with silence. Once the nice lady was adequatley assured I did in fact want to take home ec I was informed I would have to take the grade 9. Great I thought to myself, these chicks won't even know me, plus I can drive so they'll automatically think I'm the coolest guy ever. Strangely enough none of the other 3 guys got the same call as me, apparently them taking the class was totally normal, I still don't know what made me special enough to get the are you sure call.

Come September we were convinced we'd have our choice of 25 girls, we figured we'd take a different one out every weekend until we figured out which ones would be lucky enough to have us (yes I've always had an inflated sense of self worth) sadly our little plan didn't work, I think we just managed to confuse these girls, we were met with looks of "what the hell are they doing here" instead of "mmm quick let's drop our pants"

I quickly realized that this class sucked, it was horrible, not only did we have to cook with food that was past the due date we were expected to eat it, there was only one saving grace, a lovely girl called Vicki, we had never really spoken in class cause we were never in the same kitchen, but I had started hanging out with her at noon hour and waiting with her for her bus after school, I was really starting to fall for this girl, the only problem? she wasn't single, in fact she was dating someone I had known for years, at that point in my life he was probably the person I hated the most, imagine how happy I was that the girl I wanted was with him. I should probably at this point mention that I was a bit of a man whore at this stage of life, in the month or so since I had started hanging out with Vicki I think I went through 7-8 girlfriends, never lasting more than 3 days. Twice that I can recall I didn't even remember their names when asked on Monday morning.

By November my lust was starting to turn into something more, Vicki was now single but I had actually managed to be with the same girl, Anick for about 3 weeks (the fact that she was my best friends girl friend didn't matter) I was at burger king with Anick and a bunch of friends when I saw Vicki and her friend walking past, I ran outside to talk to her, an hour or so later Anick came out to see where I was, at this point I had no choice but to tell her that I was no longer interested in her but wanted someone else, her response? I quote "if you stay with me I'll suck your dick and let you fuck me tonight" I declined and told her I was leaving. She then informed me that she was going to kick Vicki's ass, did I mention Anick is a black belt? She went over to Vicki who at this point had no idea that I even had feelings for her and started making threats, fortunatly there were many people there that night that hated Anick so she got quite a few threats back. After a bit things calmed down and I went back to vicki's house, where we decided to start dating. 17 years later she's still stuck with me. Poor girl.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Is it that hard to just listen?

My parents drive me crazy, batshit insane crazy. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and would do anything for them, but they just can't freaking listen.
Haley started school last week and my parents randomly showed up at our hours 3 minutes after she got off the bus, now for a 4 year old 6.5 hours at school is pretty tiring, so Vicki was getting her a snack and letting her relax a bit before asking about her day etc... Not my parents, in the door they come and bombard her with question after question till she had enough and got cranky, naturally that's when they left. Tuesday you ask? same. Wednesday. same. Now Thursday I talked to my mom and told her that it's great that they want to spend some time with the grandkids, but it would be awesome if they would call before showing up. 3 hours later, in the door the walked, not only did they not call, but they don't even bother waiting for Vicki to answer the door, they just walk right on in. Friday they were out of town. Thank God. Over the weekend we talked again and I once again told them it was fine to come over, but call first so they can at least make sure Vicki is ok with it. Today 3:45 rolls around and through the door they walk. I give up, I don't know what to do now, since I'm never home when they come I can't get super pissed at them or it looks like Kiki's getting me to do it. Maybe we should just move.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Internet friends

I was thinking about friendship last night and I came to some interesting conclusions, I like my internet friends more than I like 99% of my "real life" friends. I talk to my online friends way more that I talk to those who live withing 1/2 hour of my house, I travelled to Vegas to attend the wedding of an online friend, I doubt I would do the same for anyone I know around here. I find myself happy and excited when I see a message or a blog from people on here, yet when one of my friends call I usually debate wether I should answer or pretend I'm not available. So really the only logical conclusion is that my online friends need to move closer to me. So get packing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Too grown up

Haley starts school tomorrow, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand it'll be great for her to meet lots of other kids and to get a bit more structure in her life. On the other hand she's my little girl and there is no way she can possibly be old enough to be starting school. Everytime I think I'm ok with it I am proven wrong, at the moment Kiki is getting her to practice putting her indoor shoes on and then changing into her outdoor shoes. The fact that she's old enough to be putting her own shoes on is hard enough. What the hell am I going to be like when she starts driving etc.... Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Time for the snip

My deal with Kiki has always been that once we're done having kids, I'd go get the old snipity snip. Really I find it unfair, all she did was push a 11lb 12oz baby out, that couldn't have been painful or anything right? right? I have to say after watching the delivery and the ensuing 14 days I was ready to snip myself with garden shears. Fortunatly I didn't go that route, instead Monday I will be contacting the so called guru of the vasectomy to see if he'd like to play with my balls. Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to it?