Friday, September 11, 2009

Time for the snip

My deal with Kiki has always been that once we're done having kids, I'd go get the old snipity snip. Really I find it unfair, all she did was push a 11lb 12oz baby out, that couldn't have been painful or anything right? right? I have to say after watching the delivery and the ensuing 14 days I was ready to snip myself with garden shears. Fortunatly I didn't go that route, instead Monday I will be contacting the so called guru of the vasectomy to see if he'd like to play with my balls. Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to it?


  1. The inability to milk the surgery for pity could be considered a drawback, but honestly, it isn't that bad of an experience. But if the doc asks to check if "the curtain matches the drapes" you should just leave.

  2. You should ask Adam about his doctor who announced "I"m going in for a closer look..."