Monday, December 14, 2009

Growing up too fast.

This was a rough weekend for me, I got a few reminders that my little girl is growing up on me.

Friday night her school had a spaghetti dinner where the kids sang Christmas songs, followed by skating with Santa. My two little angels (Haley along with our niece/second dtr Ava) were fantastic singing Jingle Bells, I was expecting them to be too shy to stand up on stage with their classes, I was wrong. Reminder number 1.

After they were done singing they came back and sat with us, at one point Haley wanted to dance, so I went with her ( I tell you I could have picked up just about any woman there at this point) So there I am dancing with my little girl, when Rick comes along and tries to take her away from me. Rick apparently has a crush on my little girl. Rick must be beaten. I ended up dancing with the two of them, I even managed to control myself from giving 4 year old Rick dirty looks.

Once done dancing we went to windows that overlook the ice surface so Hales could watch the Zambonie, sadly Thomas was there and my daugter as she puts it loves him and is going to marry him. This evening is not going well.

Fortunatly the skating part was boy free and she still needed her daddy to help her. Yay.

Sunday we went over to Kiki's sisters house to do some Christmas baking. Chrissy decided she would put on some videos of past Christmases, starting with the Christmas just before Haley turned 2, (xmas 06) my darling was so little and now she's so big, it really depressed me, I mean I know she's only just about 5 so it's not like she's grown up and ready to move out (which she is not ever allowed to do) but she has changed so much in such a short time, what will she be like in another 2 years? How long until she doesn't need my help with things? When will she stop wanting bedtime stories/cuddling? I'm not ready for any of this.